Aragon 4002 and Maggies

There is a Aragon 4002 for sale here. Owner says it has hum that is not heard when music is playing even on the quiet passages. I have Magnapan Tympani 1d's (totally rebuilt by factory) I want to bi-amp the Tympani's, and I thought this Aragon might be a good candidate. Any comments would be appreciated. Oh, I will probably recap, etc. the Aragon eventually, so I am not totally too concerned about the hum, but any heads up warnings/caveats would also be appreciated.
Thanks ahead of time!
It could be the power transformer causing the hum.
Hi, I sold my Aragon 3002 to a Maggie owner, and he is quite happy with it. He said it "woke those Maggies right up". Bear in mind, however this amp had been substantially modifed by David Schulte.

Thanks for your response Dan. I read here that Maggie's high end really benefit from a tube amp. I have a Denon AVR 5800 which is a beast power wise, and I use it at it's "pure direct" setting when listening to music, which bypasses all electrical circuits. I was thinking of using this for the low end and perhaps, after reading about the tube amp, looking for one of those for the high end. The problem I have is funds. I am rather limited and tube amps seem to average a lot higher per watt compared to solid state. I expect that I will need 150 watts or so to make this work.
I am new to bi-amping and I am also wondering if an active crossover is necessary, and if so, which is the best to get that is reasonable?