AR 77 XB Turntable...Any information???


Does anybody have any idea about the history of the AR 77XB
turntable. I went into search and found info on the XA & XB but this 77XB eludes my internet search. I'm looking for some history & differences between the XA,XB & 77XB also an owners manual.
I have a real nice AR 77XB that sounds good, looks good and is quiet as a mouse. Would like to know more about this turntable.... Thanks for your time....Airlocker
You can try AR Classic Pages . It focuses mainly on AR speakers, but there is a section on electronics that may lead you somewhere.

Regards, Rich
I had one way back then. It was very similiar to the original AR turntable. Some differences were updated cosmetics like a patterned mat and the bottom of the wood base was a molded plastic design.
The main difference was a slightly updated arm with a cue control.