AQ Mont Blanc vs Pikes Peak

I tried a pair of 4' AQ Pikes Peak speaker cables and they were wonderful in my system. I am wondering if the increased price of the Mont Blanc is worth it over the Pikes Peak. It will be difficult for me to get my hands on a pair of Mont Blanc's to try them. Has anyone compared these two similar cables head to head? What were the differences? Your general thoughts, thanks.
I also have Pike's Peak and have been looking to upgrade higher in the AQ lineup. In lookng at the Mount Blanc, the only difference that I can tell from Pike's Peak is the use of only PSC+ in MB and a mixture of PSC and PSC+ in Pikes Peak. So, technically they are better - doubtful if you can hear the difference. It seems more logical that a real upgrade, if you want to stay in their copper cables is Volcano - which is all PSC+ as well as 16 strands of wire vs only 10 strands in either Pike's Peak or Mount Blanc.
IMO the difference between PSC and PSC+ is quite substantial - the later sounding much purer. But the REAL difference is going from AQ copper to AQ silver line of cables. KE-6, which costs almost the same as Volcano, is not even in another league - it is in another universe than the Volcano.

I went through AQ CV-4, Gibraltar, Volcano non dbs, KE-4 and now I own Kilimanjaro (one step above KE-6) and absolutely love it.

If you are on the budget, you may also try the KE-4 silver speaker cable, which is much cheaper than the Volcano. It still posses much of the virtues of the more expensive silver cables, at a cost of an absolute bass slam and extension (after all, those are 4 tiny silver wires).