Matching Level between unbalanced & blanced audio

I wanna connect
primaluna prologue 3 which only has rca connectors


dynaudio bm6a mkii which only has xlr connectos.

2 options I can think of.


Connect with RCA to XLR cable.
One end is RCA and another end is XLR.
Or using RCA/XLR adapter.

Using matchbox.

Which one is better?
I check few matchbox but I am worry about degrade sound
when I use matchbox.

Which option is better?
or is there some other option that can be better?
I would just get some adapters. If you call The Cable Company, they'll help you pick the best ones for your system.
Hi Chunkichunky

I use this to convert RCA to XLR. Rane BB44X that converts RCA to XLR and vice versa.

I have an older Accuphase C200 preamp with RCA outputs and the set of amps I have are Red Dragon M1000 Mk 1 monoblocks that has XLR inputs only. The Rane 44BX works well with no SQ issues in my system. I also wanted to use something like the Rane because I was running over 20 ft of XLR cable around the room because I wanted the Accuphase C200 near me but having the Red Dragons near my speakers.

Now I got this suggestion from longtime A'gon member Almarg some years ago.

Jensen PC2-XR

Best of luck in the search.
I second the Jensen transformer suggestion. You want an "output" transformer to convert unbalanced to balanced at your preamp. Then run balanced cables to the active monitors. Jensen is not inexpensive (though not crazy expensive), but I think a good value.

I think you need this model (DM2-2RX):

I used one between an Arcam FMJ CD23T CD player and ARC LS12 preamp many years ago.
Thank you for reply.

I bought transformer and spec is

Unbalanced to Balanced Conversion
Input Impedance 100 kohms unbalanced
Input Signal Level -10 dBV nominal, +18 dBV maximum
Input Connectors RCA
Output Load Impedance 600 ohms nominal
Output Signal Level +4 dBm nominal, +24 dBm maximum
Output Level Control Range -3 to +24 dBm @ -10 dBV input
Output Connectors XLR, male
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 kHz +/-0.2 dB
T. H. D. + Noise Less than .014%, 20 Hz to 30 kHz, nominal output
Hum and Noise -88 dBm, 20 Hz to 30 kHz

1. What do you think? is this okay unit?

I only need one unit but the seller will include
the unit for Balanced to Unbalanced Conversion.

I have PS audio NUWAVE which have RCA and XLR
connection. and I need to connect with Primaluna prologue 3
which has only rca.

I had plan to connect them with one rca cable but
since I have another transformer I have option to
use XLR to RCA too.
I only need to buy one more xlr cable.

2. Which setup is you think better?
RCA DAC ---> RCA Preamp? or
XLR DAC --> transformer --> RCA preamp?

another unit spec.

Balanced to Unbalanced Conversion
Input Impedance 40 kohms balanced
Input Signal Level +4 dBm nominal, +24 dBm maximum
Input Connectors XLR, female
Output Load Impedance 10 kohms nominal
Output Signal Level -10 dBV nominal, +18 dBV maximum
Output Level Control Range -22 to +3 dBV @ +4 dBm input
Output Connectors RCA
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 30 kHz +/-0.1 dB
T. H. D. + Noise .017%, 20 Hz to 30 kHz, nominal output
Common Mode Rejection -79 dB @ 60 Hz
What transformer did you buy? And where in the signal chain do you intend to place it?

If the second transformer is an "input" transformer that effectively gives your preamp balanced inputs AND the cable length between DAC and transformer is say 10 feet or more AND you have a very noisy environment, then using a transformer may make sense. If the cable between DAC and preamp is about 3 feet, then save the money and run an unbalanced cable.
i bought videoquip phase 3 lm-2.
i will use it for rca(my preamp which has only rca output)
to xlr (active speaker which only has xlr input)

the seller gave me lm-2u
xlr to rca unit for free.

i will use 1m rca cable so i will not use this unit
based on ur suggestion.

thank you