APS audiophile regenerator

Has anyone heard these units and compared it with for example PS Audio?
The APS Purepower 1050 I recently added made a dramatic improvement to an already fine system (Aesthetix, Wolcotts, Sound Labs), which previously ran on 3 dedicated lines, but it also added noticable noise from it's cooling fan.
Could you hear the noise at 4 feet?
Is such APS the same as for example the Jeff Rowland Coherence 2 or Dartzeel pre that both uses batterypower?
I got one too, the improvement was really great but yes the fan noise is a problem.
I put it in another room because even from 15 feets i could still hear it.
I have a APS purepower 1050. You can hear a low fan noise but it does not bother me and I can't hear it if music is playing. The 1050 brings my system to a higher level. It upgraded the sound quality of my system with deeper bass, cleaner and clearer midrange, and sharp pristine highs. It takes away a veil of grunge and I can hear deeper into my recordings then ever before. It is like listening to your system at 1 oclock in the morning but even better than that, and it sounds the same no matter what time of day I decide to listen to my system. I really didn't believe that it could make such a difference as I already had a dedicated power line to my equipment with pretty good power. It does seem to work very well and i am quite satisfied with it's performance.
I have on home demo the APS-1050. I have also been using a PS Audio P300 for a number of years now. The PS Audio seems to alter the tonality of what's connected, compared to off the wall but the APS does it less - a good thing for me. Both lower the noise floor and the APS fan noise is really very insignificant. What I do like about the APS is that it does not get as hot as the PS Audio (lower electricity bills?) and allows the system to 'breathe more easily', but this could be due to the lower power of the P300. My PS Audio has been plagued by reliability problems and though i was looking to upgrade to the P-1000, i think i will end up keeping the APS.
does anybody more recently have an opinion on the pros and cons of the APS1050 and PSA PPp? i also would like to hear of any reliability issues with either product.
i suffer 242-250v and hope to protect and maximise my set-up.