Apple's FrontRow and DAC question

Much to my dismay, I learned that Apple's Leopard (OSX 10.5) does not allow FrontRow to utilize AirTunes. What this means is that when I play music via FrontRow using Apple Remote, the sound *only* plays through the computer speakers, and does not flow wirelessly to AirPort Express. Until Apple fixes this (used to be available in Tiger), I can only use iTunes.

My question is whether using an external DAC via Toslink or USB is a workaround for this. i.e. does FrontRow send digital signals via Toslink or USB? I don't have a stand-alone DAC to test this feature so any help would be much appreciated.
I use front row with an external usb dac without any problems.
So do I. It has performed flawlessly since I installed the DAC 4 months ago. I generally use the USB output from my iMac but have also used a HagTech USB converter.
Thanks. Just to be extra-clear, both of you are using Front Row in Mac OS X Leopard, not Tiger?
Yes, that is correct. I have my iMac 24 with Leopard running Front Row into my PS Audio DAC via USB cable.
Have you thought to try Rogue Ameba's Airfoil? I believe it can take any audio from the mac and broadcast it to the APE.
I, too, run Front Row with Leopard to my DAC. You merely have to go into your System Preferences, and select the USB as the preferred output.
Thank you to everyone who replied. I'll also give Airfoil a try.