anyone tried a pathos hybrid on a dynaudio c1/c2

anyone experience with a pathos amp on dynaudio speakers?
I drive the cinemaX (mullard tubes) with 900 watts on the c1's, and I'm quit happy, but can an other amp make me happier?
Please stick to the question in your reply.

Maybe in the future there will be the c2's in the living room.

The C1's are 4 ohm so you are really pushing them with 700w per side. As a C1 owner I've never heard the C1's with that much power. I drive mine with an Octave V70SE tube integrated w/black box (70w/ch) and am very happy with the sound. The only amp that I prefer is the Burmester 911. Way out of my budget. Have you thought of an all tube amp? The V80 tube integrated is more than enough for the C1's. The re290 uses the KT120's. Tube power is a different sound. Another nice things about tubes is swapping them for other ones. When you think you want to change the sound a bit start swapping tubes. Much less expensive than buying a new amp - source - cables - etc.

That being said if your quite happy why change? Are there better amps/sources/cables? Always, if not to you but to somebody.
yep, I think the amp can handle the c1's.
The octave is an amp that a lot of confidence owners use, so it must be a good combo. But I think there is noboby who tried out a pathos logos / cinemaX or inpol amp on the confidence line, and you can also swap pre-tubes with these amp's.
I tried out a few cables, and there is a very big difference, you can make or break a system. Now I use jps "digital" and "power" ac's, and the superconductor 3 xlr (cd to amp), and purist anniversary aqueous for speakercables.
I haven't been testing other amp's, maybe this is the only way to check it out myself.
You never know, maybe there is somebody out there(pink floyd).