Anyone know about Tangent Audio from Denmark?

is this a well known company?

there's a store in my area that sells their gear. they don't have a great location for listening, but the stuff looks well designed and is lovely to look at.

the prices are very good, a bit cheaper than entry level Cambridge Audio, Marantz and other similar. i'm thinking of getting one of their integratedv amps and a matching cd player for second system, to match with my Quad 22L2s and Pro-Ject turntable.

googling reveals many lovely pictures but very little in the way of english reviews. it would appear this stuff is popular in france and asia...

There's a review of the amp 200 on what hifi and they said it was a cheap build and they didn't like how it performed. Google tangent amp 200 and you'll see it.
thank you Donjr. it seems like such a good fit but if the built quality isn't so great in the end, that would bug me for sure. hmmm.... decisions, decisions...