Digital Audio Denmark DACs

Has anyone tried the Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) AX24 DAC? Would appreciate any insights on the sound. Thanks.
I have owned the AX24 for over two years. It is the best DAC that I have ever used or heard, including the Euphonix Pacific Microsonic's Model 2. In the professional arena it is considered the best DAC available at this time in terms of its sonic resolution, rendering and performance. I use my to decode 2X-DSD (5.6MHz).
Thanks, Carlos. Have you ever compared it to the EmmLabs DACs? Also, how were you feeding it DSD?

My plan is to feed 44.1-384kHz and DSD to the dac from my PC, but I'm still looking for the best way to do this. Maybe a Merging board using a MADI card (for 44.1-384 and 1xDSD) and a SDIF3 card (for 2xDSD). I've owned the Meitner DCC2 and loved it, but it doesn't take a PCM input higher than 96kHz. I don't want to take a step down in sound quality from the Meitner.
I have heard the Meitner professional DAC on a number of occasions but only briefly in my system. The DAD AX24 just sounds more "natural" to my ears. Many mastering engineers have done the direct comparison between the Meitner and the DAD and in every case that I have seen documented they have preferred the DAD.

I'm using it with my DCS 972/974 DXD/DSD digital-to-digital converter until Peter, at DAD, gets his SRC, sample-rate-converter, working up to his "standard" and makes it available for the AX24.

You can see a picture of my AX24 on my System's page on the upper right hand corner of my right hand equipment rack.

The digital interface for 2x-dsd IS NOT TRIVIAL as it has to be in SDIF-3 format.

Trust me you would not be stepping down in any kind of quality. The DAD is the best converter available today; and that is why Telarc studios selected it as it reference DAC for DSD/DXD work. I think that they felt that the Meitner was just as good for PCM.

It sounds like you know what you are doing, but look at the professional forum for head-to-head comparisons from others.
Hi Bigamp,

What did you mean by "The digital interface for 2x-dsd IS NOT TRIVIAL as it has to be in SDIF-3 format."

What is your suggestion ? The AES interface ?
You use a Forsell
And is there a volume control option within the AX24 ?

I consider buying the AX24, but would like some more backgrounds, before making my final decision.
Niemeijer, sorry, I never saw your post earlier. That was Carlos who you are quoting, not me. But I think Carlos was explaining that the AX24 can only receive a 2xDSD signal that is in the SDIF-3 format. So, you would need the SDIF-3 input card in the AX24 as well as a source that outputs a SDIF-3 2xDSD signal.
Mine is in Fedex;

Should be here on Saturday;

I hope to get it connected via the Weiss Minerva over the weekend. Then I will burn it in for 24 hours a day for 7 days - playback through the computer & will listen to it
after 1 week on next Sunday.

I shall write a detailed reciew on the DAD - AX24 -

My resident ref machine is a Meridian 808i.2.
Wonder how this will stack up.

I shall stay tuned...

I would like to know whats the best up-sampler one could use to up-sample red book to dsd and feed it to the DAD-AX24?

Best Regards,

Satyam Bachani.
Just get the Playback Designs MPS-5.. that's what I did. I only use my AX24 for it's A/D and mic pre side.
The PD MPS-5 upsamples everything to DSD.
Got my DAD - AX24.
Installed it.
Kept it playing for 5 days.
Should have a few hours on it - by now.
Out of the box it was a 'bit rough'
Played it - did not do any 'critical' listening for a while.

Just changed the cables;
Now, I feed both the Meridian 808i.2 & the DAD with same power cords & interconnects - Echole Obsession.

Is this close;
Damn close - right now.

The 'bass' on the DAD is a 'bit faster'
The 'vocals' on the 808i.2 are a 'bit smoother'
Overall 'resolution' goes in favour of the DAD.
The 808i.w is a bit more 'musical'
I would like to invite some audiophile in Mumbai [India] to drop by for a 'listen' !
Can I choose 1 over the other ?
Not right now - need some more time to get it all fully 'optimised' & small tweeks here & there;

I will write some more - in a while. Stay tuned....

Have not auditioned them but I have heard good things about them.

My dealer that imports Weiss products imports DAD. He told me the Weiss Medea (DAC 1) is clearly better.

Just my 2 cents.