Anyone heard this one yet ?

“The Little Willies” . Great, Fun CD . Norah Jones appears on this project.
When I buy a new CD I sit down with a pen & post-it-note and write down the tracks I love. If I circle the track # that means the song gave me Goosebumps. On this CD I wrote down tracks 4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12 ,, I circled 7 and 10 …. I defiantly got my moneys worth on this CD… :) Highly recommended . :)
Yeah, I just listened to it. Excellent all around.
What's so good about it? More details please.
Norah Jones does a Western/Bluegrass album, Cassandra Wilson comes out with a Country album, ditto Van Morrison, Willie Nelson does a Reggae record, Roger Waters comes out with a classical album, following on the wet heels of Billy Joel. I own all five and, for my money, they all miss by a (country) mile, though the Nelson album has a sense of humor that the others sorely lack.