Anyone heard Blue Circle Penny's?

In my on-going quest for speakers that are designed for near-wall placement, I have read about these speakers. They need to fill 5,000 cubic feet. Am aware of Northy Creek Big Kat, all the Horns, NHT, Audio Note, etc but am interested in first hand accounts of the Penny's.
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No, but I have heard many OHM Walsh speaks and would really like to hear the Pennys.

Penny's use the OHM Walsh CLS driver for all but the low bass as I understand it.

I've heard MBLs and the OHMs are competitive. They are designed to go nearer to walls than MBLs as omnis go, but not as much so as Pennys, as I understand it.
I heard them extensively at the RMAF last October. The final version has been tweaked after testing at the Canadian research facility and will be coming out soon. The next show opportunity to hear them will be at the AK fest in May (production version).
Disclosure: I am a Blue Circle retailer and will be selling them.
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