Picture worth a penny LOL!!!!

OMG,  why more and more sellers on Audiogon are posting pictures of their feet and some ugly looking toes next to their high $$$ audio gear? I have no interest looking at some dirty toe nails when I am looking at audio gear 😂. 


Interesting. I don't recall seeing any naked feet, but of course sometimes it's a bit difficult to avoid getting your shoes in the shot.

Or aPair of socks on a hassock in front of the speakers the guy is selling.  I always tell them to keep the socks. 

I'm sorry, but I can't seem to control myself. This original post and some of the comments made have me grinning from ear to ear!


Haven't seen this but it seems to be a running joke that the unemployed are selling feet photos on the internet.  I don't think this is what they meant.

dumb fad. ugh. 

imitation of a facebook beach selfie--all those women takin beach chair pics down their legs toward the water. if youve been on facebook the last ten years(maybe more) youve seen that pic too many times to count. 

Spouse, if given her prefs, would have my feet replaced with Cheetahs...

Hammer toes from handmedowns from older bro, both big toe nails ruined from large heavy hits over the wreckades....right little toe removed ("...there's no bones left in there...I've never seen that before....." from the podiatrist...) so I can only count to 19, unless I include the Center Appendage...which normally only has to make an account and impression of its' own.... ;)

Why anyone would include their feet in an equipment shot is just lazy or weird....unless it's one of those ottomans' supported by feet.

Then, it's just goofin'... ;)

Hilarious that someone brought this up. I've seen this enough in the recent months that I thought I might have missed a memo. Still trying to figure out going forward if this will reduce the amount I offer on the product..

Not as bad as people selling cars and every picture is crooked. Even if I am interested in the vehicle I skip it.

@recklesskelly +1

Absolutely true.....cracks me up though.

If ya don't laugh, you're gonna cry........ 



They’re paying for it whether it’s pictures of their speakers or their toes, but you’d think that people would pay more attention to what they post.

...some sort of foot fetish involved for some....Someone's' going to post an item featuring hooves or ostrich claws just because....🙄

"The feet are optional; priced and shipped separate."

@willywonka "...as we knew it...it's th' an end to a 'pendage as we grew it....

...and I feet declined...."

*Ragged instrumental, lots of bass drum....no cowbell*

That's odd, I've always considered my feet my best feature.


"Men’s feet should not be seen in public." I can’t remember where or when I saw that opinion expressed in print, but it aligned exactly with mine.

Reflection of a guy in his underwear selling a pair of piano black high gloss speakers beats few dirty toenails. Good entertainment though.

Now that’s one that needs special attention. Gotta be extremely mindful of those first reflection points. Dirty ugly toenails, simply paint those darn things and wear them with pride, women do. Problem solved ….


I left a hifi Facebook group because some guy kept posting vids of his feet “toe tapping” while in front of his system. So cringe and so gross. 

@tubeguy76 I think I saw the same video and I am convinced he was filming his feet not his gear lol 😂.