Anyone have experience with Soundsmith’s strain gauge?

After watching Peter Ledermann’s excellent presentation on phono cartridge design I am now quite interested in his Strain gauge cartridge. Unfortunately reviews for the product seem to be sparse and are from nearly a decade ago. I’m wondering if anyone here is an owner of such a system and if they’d be so kind as to share their experience with it. I currently have the Aida cartridge from their high output MI lineup and I want to know if the sound really is a big step up from what I currently have. 

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craig has another of several highly compelling SG impressions, all of them consistently positioning it among the very finest on the market. Truly amazing considering when you get into that range you're talking more for the phono stage alone than the SG, which as a system needs no phono stage. It does however use a power supply. Which when that is improved then you are by all accounts talking a true cost no object reference system- yet still for less than a lot of those same cost no object phono stages alone, to say nothing of the cartridge. A stone bargain. Which is why its at the very top of my list. 
Does Ledermann still have them 25% off?
Coulda sworn with the shutdown thing he put everything 25% off.
Have you tried Fremer? He had one, and he's been recording carts for years. . . .