Anyone have experience with Soundsmith’s strain gauge?

After watching Peter Ledermann’s excellent presentation on phono cartridge design I am now quite interested in his Strain gauge cartridge. Unfortunately reviews for the product seem to be sparse and are from nearly a decade ago. I’m wondering if anyone here is an owner of such a system and if they’d be so kind as to share their experience with it. I currently have the Aida cartridge from their high output MI lineup and I want to know if the sound really is a big step up from what I currently have. 

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This is from another thread here, submitted by Mr. Lederman himself...

"We are building to order, so there will be delays, but the above comment is correct ~ it is a great moment to buy a Soundsmith design. Our 6 top designs are discounted 25%; LOW OUTPUT - Hyperion, Sussurro, Paua, Zephyr MIMC Star, HIGH OUTPUT The Voice, and Aida."