Anyone has tried the Tyler Acoustics Amp Stands?

I would like to know if anyone outthere has tried the amp stands from Tyler Acoustics. They look stunning and very solid.
This is a link to it
When filled they will over damp and shut down the speakers. Adjustable feet or stands made of wood, brass or steel or any other material will decouple the speaker/amp versus the same exact design that is a fixed mount replica. The fixed or close coupled stand will present a more focused intergrated soundstage yet one that is quieter and detailed with greater speed, coherence and impact. Tom
I have a pair of his loudspeaker stands which have noticeably improved the low frequency performance of my monitors, and which look great as well.
I have ordered one, I will told you how it goes.
Alan what amp do you expect to hear better results from? Tom
My beloved Conrad Johnson MV50.