Anyone has a Sonus Faber Grand Piano + REL combo?

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano (non-home version) and am contemplating of getting a REL Strata/Storm to supplement the bass department. Does anyone of you have a similar combo? How do you like it? Any feedback/opinion would help.

By the way, I'm driving them with a VAC Avatar tube intergated amp. Thanks.
I have heard the GP Home with a Rel Strata II and it was pretty good.
as per my friend he bought the REL after extended Auditions and felt that this is what formed an ideal match in terms of Speed as the REL had the most synchronised speed with regard to the SF and never felt it was leading or Lagging.
Run a pair of Sonus Concertos and a REL Stadium III sub--fantastic for HT and 2-channel. Seemless integration.
I have the Grand Pianos, and we are using the same speaker cables too in the Nordost Blue Heavens. The interesting bit is that I am also contemplating of getting a sub in a couple of months time and most probably will be an Adire. Need to get those deep bass notes from my music as I feel I'm missing the lowest registers with the GP's alone.

If you are going for REL, I suggest you go for at least the Stadium III, if you have the money of course. You wouldn't hear too much of a difference if you use the GP's with the Strata's.
You will need the REL Storm. The Strata will not give you the ideal match. I used the SF's with the Storm and it was excellent and seamless. That is also the combination suggested by Sumiko, the importer.