Anyone experienced with the Dynavector 507 MKII

Wondering if anyone's had a Dynavector 507 MK II tonearm. Heard a system at CES recently (Scaena speakers with those big subwoofers, LAMM amps, Kronos TT, ZYX Universe 2 cart and, of course, the Dynavector tonearm. Thought it the best sound of the show.
Understand, though, that it's tricky to set-up. Anyone experienced and familiar with this tonearm's capabilities and willing to share comparisons with other arms?
Thanks much!
I haven't had the pleasure to use or hear the DV 507 MKII, I have an older version, a DV 501.

I installed it on a project Garrard 401. These tonearms are very similar, the newer arm having some refinements not on the older versions.

I don't feel they are that difficult to set up, and once you are used to how it operates, it will become very apparent that this is a very precise instrument, and a joy to use. It also sounds excellent, old or new version.

My previous experience was with a VPI JMW 9 signature, and compared to that arm, it's like the difference between a go-cart and a Formula 1 car.

As with anything else, you just have to familiarize yourself to it. I think you will enjoy it, I know I sure do.

Best of luck, regards,