anyone compared the hydra vs aR6 vs magic stealth

Has anyone done a side by side comparison of the three of these fine power conditioners? I know it is system and house power dependent among other things. Thanks.
I use a PS Audio Power Plant Premier on my source componets and TV and the Hydra 4 on my power amps which draw a lot of continous wattage.

The Hydra seems to lower background noise some and lets a 20amp's 2400 watts through unrestricted which is waht I needed on the dedicated 10 awg line.

I haven't tried the others but am very satisfield with my current set-up.
I went from a Chang to a BPT-2... added an aR-1 just for giggles... and based on what the aR-1 did... I purchased an aR-6. IMHO the aR-6 is absolute magic. I now hear layers of voices where before I thought one person was singing.
I own the Stealth XXX, and there is NO current limiting or voltage lag with the unit, RE: My two main monoblocks (tubed/110wpc) and woofer amp(SS/255wpc). I've been very satisfied with it's performance/the lack of background grunge resulting from it's addition to the system.
I have not heard the Audience power conditioners, but I have heard the original Shunyata Hydra, Hydra 8, Stealth XXX and Matrix power conditioners. These guys are on opposite sides of the road, IMHO. Like comparing Cardas cables with Nordost cables, each will have their supporters and detractors.

The Shunyata conditioners are full, rich, powerful and dimensional. The Stealth conditioners tend to be very fast, articulate and revealing. Which you would prefer will depend on your ancilliary equipment, cables and musical tastes. I would say that I preffered the Shunyata conditioners over the Stealth, IMS.
However, since then, I have found the Running Springs Audio PLC's to swing a bit more towards the middle of the road. Better definition than the Shunyata's while fuller and more powerful than the Stealth. Of course this takes into account that you use a better power cord than the supplied RSA Mongoose that comes with these conditioners.
A DCCA Reference Master or an Elrod EPS-3 Signature seem to work well.