Anybody with experience w Denon PMA 1315R

Has anybody had with experience w Denon PMA 1315R compared to NAD 317 or Rotel stuff.?? Thanks,keith
IMO this amp is outstanding. In comparison with Nad 319 (which sounded harsh and lacks on details), the Denon sounded smooth, clean and i enjoyed the music.
I do not have any experience with the 1315R but do own and am blown away by the performance of the two years earlier model Denon PMA-1080R(105w/ch). If I am not mistaken, the 1315R is the newer($850.00 in 1994) and slightly more powerful(115w/ch) version of the 1080R($650.00 in 1992). This amp is fast, controlled, and very dynamic but not harsh at all. The imaging and soundstage it produces is incredible. I bought this amp last summer for $120.00 and it by far has the best performance/price ratio of any gear I own. It will thump the 12inch woofers of my Klipsch Forte's to no end.

I have owned other Denon amps from the 80's/90's and have been very pleased with build quality, performance, and reliability.

No direct comparisons to those particular amps you mentioned but I really do enjoy the NAD stuff.

Good stuff thanks. I had a Denon 737 in the mid 80s and thought it was pretty good. I have been up the audio mountian and now am on the downsilde for financial reasons. I wanted to try a 319 and have had the 317 and heard from more then one person that the 317 is better then the 319?? Keith