Anybody heard the TAD 805SD speakers?

Looking at the ad for these speakers, I figure that either:

a) these are the greatest bargain out there for bookshelf/monitor speakers, OR,
b) the descriptive hype is way over the top

Anybody actual heard these?
I received my pair this Saturday, they're gorgous in the African cherrywood. Although they're hooked up to an Onkyo receiver with cheap speaker cable they sound excellent, good imaging, suprising bass response and extended highs (my main speakers are Von Schweikert VR4-JR's). Haven't heard any other bookshelfs to compare to, but I'm extremly happy with them so far, an incredible bargin for the sheckels.
You get what you pay for. They remind me of something you would pick up at circuit city or best buy. Buy a used pair of PSB's or Epos. Or something like that. You will be much happier.

Are you basing that on hearing them, or by the way
they look?(Which I think is great) Or?? Just wondering because I am thinking of picking up a pair.

Thanks for any info,
Before I bought the 805d's I scoured the net for owners feedback and found nada, nothing out there, so I bought them on a wing and a prayer. So in light of the absence of reviews, I did a little testing and will try to explain what I hear in my system. I'm comparing the Tad 805SD (not fully broken in) hooked up with monster cable versus Von Schweikert VR4JR with Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun biwire. Hardly a fair fight, approx $3600 of speaker/cable versus approx $420 of same.
Rest of system is MF A5 CD player, Supratek Chenin pre and Conrad Johnson MF2250 amp, VH audio interconnects and power cords.
Well the bass didn't go as low, the highs not as extended but the midrange was about equal. Suprisingly I think I could live with these as my primary speaker, they are quite musical. I played Dire Straits 'brothers in arms' - the steel guitar was natural on the 805SD, Knopler's voice dead center although the images were a bit smaller. Another test song was King Crimson's Moonchild - the cymbals a bit smaller, the triange shimmered a bit less compared to the Von schw/satori combo, but all in all the TAD's are very musical and grand theft audio for 349 smackers. My previous speakers were Paradigm Studio 60's which I had for several years.
So to sum my thoughts up, they're terrific looking in the cherrywood looking more like a thousand dollar finish ; the midrange is astonishingly good, they have a suprising amount of bass for a bookshelf, the treble is musical if not the most extended. I'm tickled pink I purchased them, not a speck of buyers remorse.
My ears/my system/my opinion, FWIW.
Thanks Richmon,

I am going to pick up a pair based on what you say,
(I also know it's YHO) because I feel after emailing
back & forth with Paul also, they are a "GREAT" deal for that
price. I owned the VS VR2's in the past.
Plus, wait until yours are fully broken in and you try a
better speaker cable. That may take it a step further!?
For $349 clams shipped, I'll take the chance!

I have heard them. To me, they sound like a pair of the Insignia's at best buy that everyone was raving about. Thin sounding, and the drivers don't seem to blend well. Side by side with a pair of the small Epos, they are no match. I do like the looks. But they are a nice package, with no substance. For me, there are too many other speakers in that price range that better them. I would pass.

Thanks for your opinion, I am still considering
a pair though.
BTW...what switch setting - towards the black post or towards the red makes the tweeter play louder? and what setting did you
find worked better?

Thanks for any info!

How are your feelings holding out on the TAD's??
TelescopeTrade - My satisfaction remains high. They replaced a 10 year old pair of JBL bookshelfs for a bedroom system, mostly for playing classical FM music. They're a Beamon leap improvement over the JBL's in every way. Most music is in the midrange and that's where these shine.
I've been postponeing some main system upgrades (getting my connie J upgraded to 'A' status and having the speaker cables reterminated due to deep groves on the spades) but hesitated to be without my sonic escape machine. Now, I know the TAD's will keep my toes tapping meanwhile.

Well, I pulled the trigger on a pair today. We'll
see what happens when they get here.
Will run them on tubes.
Hmmm... just a little suspicious after following the audioreview link on TAD's site where one "Randall Johnson" (a pen name, perhaps?) gives a lengthy and glowing review of these speakers - It reads much like the ad copy on the site... plus lines like "I really can’t tell you how much I love this pair! Just Buy them!" and "The purchase price is too low - hard to compare. Keep in mind the suggested list price of $1899 when shopping." Maybe just me, but something seems fishy - we've all seen this before where a vendor creates his own positive buzz to promote sales... just my 2 cents.
Since having posted my earlier comment, I've checked out reviews of other Bizzy Bee products by A'gon members (and elsewhere) to find it seems there's a loyal following due to a very good quality product being offered at a very fair price. Perhaps the "Randall Johnson" review is just harmless free advertising, but is it really needed? The products obviously speak for themselves - I may even make a purchase at some point - With the in-home trial & return policy, those prices sure are tempting...
The 805SD are as good as advertised. I bought mine used just because they looked great and the seller said they were very musical. No doubt the midrange is amazing. The bass is more than adequate and solidly tuneful with great responsiveness. The highs add to things and give an overall natural sound if a bit limited in the extremes. Overall, a very non-fatiguing, smooth sound worthy of much more expensive speakers. I also bought the matching cherry wood sub and it does very well indeed. I got both for less than mu Usher 520s cost and the sound is worlds better albeit 2.1 vs stereo. Paul of TAD is to be commended.