Anybody heard Stereoknight magnetic preamp?

This seems very intersting but never heard of it. Anybody listened to it?
Yes. I have been watching Stereoknight for about 8-10 months as I am a proponent of passive volume controls/preamps.

Mind you I’ve been an audiophile for nearly fifty years cutting my teeth on gear from Harvey Radio and others along Cortlandt Street (known back then as “Radio Row”) in NYC before it was all demolished. The World Trade Center Towers were built there..

I started my passive experience by ordering a new Placette (it uses resistors). I was absolutely stunned by how it sounded (or not) there was so much more soundstage imaging from a blackness like I had never heard before. A vail had been lifted and I was now hearing minute detail that had been there all along. That experience whetted my desire to check out other passives. I became very interested in trying a magnetic transformer-based PVC particularly the Music First and Bent PVCs. I learned that Music First were coming out with a new model with remote control that I wanted along with balanced circuitry. I was able to secured the new Music First MKII Magnetic Passive Preamps w/remote and immediately sold the Placette.

I believe that transformer-based PVCs are the way to go. They (I've now had three different transformer PVCs in my system) seem to be a little more musical than the Placette. However, I disagree with those who say resistor-based units are not as dynamic. The Music First MKII has upgraded transformers (25% more windings) compared to the original now known as the Classic. I'm only talking copper wire versions not the silver.

The MKII got even better after being used for a few weeks. It's dynamite! The third transformer-based PVC is a Sonic Euphoria that a friend got via Audiogon and wanted to hear it in my system. It ended up sounding quite good but it needed additional damping of the metal case which has now been done. After this long lead-in here comes the revelation. As I said I had been watching Stereoknight for some time and I came across an Auction on A'gon for his basic model (single ended, no alt source inputs nor remote). In a weak moment at about three am I couldn't sleep saw the auction and put in a bid. I got it.

When it arrived one afternoon and I had some time I figured give a listen to it. It started playing while I was still on the floor to one side fiddling with something and suddenly I froze and listened. WHAT I WAS HEARING SOUNDED BETTER THAN I HAD EVER HEARD FROM MY STSTEM!!!! I got up sat and just listened. THE STEREOKNIGHT SOUNDED SUPERB AND HAS OUTDONE ALL THE OTHERS INCLUDING THE $4500-list MKII. Two other audiophile friends have listened and agree it's better.

I can't help but wonder why. I think I have an answer but it will take some time. First the Stereoknight is built like a battle ship having been machined from a solid block of aluminum. Plus everything is fastened to it with machine screws. Therefore I think that it is quite immune to vibrations but I will set it up on a Stillpoints Component Stand to see if that has any effect (it definitely does improve the MKII). What I think is more likely is that there are no open unused connectors on the Knight whereas the MKII has several SE plus XLRs which could be bringing in RFI/EMI interference degrading the MKII. With that in mind I will fit it out with RFI/EMI plugs such as Cardas makes.

System: KEF Reference 201/2 (awesome loudspeakers) on KEF stands each filled with 75lbs metal shot; MIT AVt 1 biwire speaker cables w/ Cablock lifters; Pass X150.5 or Ayre V-5xe amps; MIT Proline XLR & SE interconnects; Preamps see above PVCs; fed by a Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD Player (stock feet [3] replaced with Finite Elemente “Ceraballs”); all use Stillpoins Stands and/or “points/bases (the best); all A/C cables Shinyata Taipan through an Audience adeptRespone aR6 conditioner.

Reference Sources
CARNINA BURANA, ORF Runnicles, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Telarc DSD CD-80575 favorite CD to listen for quality of detail (all else being equal) especially chorus should be heard as individual voices rather than a mass group (less smearing, more detail)
Gpmaven, I have had the Bent pre with the Stevens and Billingntons transformers (copper) and now have the Music First Mk11 ( copper). My speakers are Adam Audio Tensor Deltas. They are active, and I recommend you hear these. I was able to make a choice between either and I choose the Music first for its sonic qualities over the Bent, I thought 25% larger transformers but 45 % more sound in every way. Tell me please, how much better is the Stereo Night than the Mark 11, can you give me a bit more detail, I find it hard to imagine anything better than the Mark 11 than the Music First Reference? And, is the build quality better than the MK11? Mind you, that wouldn’t be too hard to beat! Thanks
The OP's question is about the Enigma active preamp, not the passive one
Yes, I own the pre and a pair of their SNight mono amps. I have tested most of their equipment at length. My most recent equipment divorce was from a pre and pair of amps by CAT. Over 12 years of CAT with a multitude of equipment always attempting to dethrone them. I got tired of switching out and testing new equipment. So much so that when a new piece came in it would sit for weeks until I was ready to deal with it. CAT equipment is just that good! One day I exchanged an email with Sarjan from 6Moons and he gave me some good ideas. The ideas lead me into a different direction. StereoKnight. I matched the equipment up with a pair of Devore 9's and packed the CAT equipment - now sitting on shelves in the garage. Allot of BS I could share, but I can sum it up best with the following:
I hooked up the StereoKnight equipment with Stereo knight Balanced Cables and Power Cords. Balanced from point to point ending with a pair of Devore 9's and sat to listen - Dire Staights ---- and in no less than 60 seconds my listening room clearly felt as if it dropped 15 degrees, the wind picked up, waves lapped my feet. The bongs took place above and out to the right. All instruments floated appropriately in space with all the depth and width I could imagine. Perfect, never needed to go above 1 on the volume pot. No warming-up no adjustments - just music from the first note. Low sound floor? Wow! I was at 1 and I was transfered from my place to some space around evening and thoroughly enjoyed the beach and atmosphere as never before - (hell, and I use to live at the beach) the music took me home. Think of it this way - the Devore 9's are phenomenal speakers by anyone opinion. On my end I know for a fact that the Devore's are my systems weakest link. Maybe not. Back on the Merry Go-Round?
Nice to hear first hand experience. Intrigued by that brand
How much Enigma sells for?
As a side note- I really hate it, when there is no pricing information posted on the manufacturer website. What is it, a secret?
Agree with Maril555. My initial impressions of the website and product line are favorable but I'm somewhat dismayed that I have to contact a dealer to find out the pricing.

Can anyone ballpark what the active preamp would go for?
Usually pricing isn't displayed when there is a dealer network, and pricing elsewhere may not be what's on the website.

FWIW I've emailed the owner, or whomever he is, of stereoknight. pretty prompt with response back to me. He'll tell you the price, and maybe be open to negotiation. He was when I inquired about some of his products. it's a buyer's market right now.
Even when there is a dealer network, the MSRP should be clearly stated, and not determined by a dealer.
I suspect, manufacturers do that under the pressure from their dealers network, since it's easier for a dealer to manipulate the price.
Anyhow, how much is Enigma? (the name actually starts making sense).
@ Maril555 if you're asking me I don't know. I do know when I emailed them/him he responded pretty quickly.
Simply superb TVC, I have the balanced silver edition, and it is heads and shoulders above anything else I have tried. I have used active as well as passive, including the Prometheus reference TVC, the Reference Line 1a with silver wiring, etc, and the Stereo Knight simply let more music through. No loss of dynamics whatsoever. If you don't need the gain of an active preamp, simply a very reasonably priced, superb way to go.
I've heard it and it's superb, beats my Accuphase C-265 hands down.
I own the silver wound Silverstone-SE and it flat outperforms every TVC I have ever owned. This passive preamp is amazing sounding as long you don't need any gain to drive your amp. There is a 6DB gain switch on the back but I prefer it off. It replaced a $5k tube preamp at 1/4 the price.

Not sure if the Silverstone could match an Audio Consulting Silver Rock TVC but at the price I paid ... it has to be an absolute best buy. Build and sound quality is top notch and I have had no issues over the past 6 months. This silver wound Silverstone TVC is for people who in the past didn't like TVC's or other passive preamps. Unlike other TVC's the Silverstone has no problem passing dynamic's and has excellent resolution.

Highly recommended.
I have the standard B&R Transformer based unit. It replaced PS Audio PCA-2 with external power supply. As is often the case with higher-fidelity product changes, You get a trade-off. In this case, more detail came through with the Stereo Knight unit, but the sound was more delicate. The stereo knight unit was definitely superior for string quartets, jazz combos, female vocals, that sort of thing. Imaging, depth and other detail-derived parameters also were improved. The active preamp was arguably better for rock and full orchestral types of music. Incidentally, the main guy behind Stereo Knight is great to work with, (I've got his name around here someplace but can't find it) but then so are the folks at PS Audio. When you start buying audio equipment at these price levels, you don't get sucky customer care (or at least I haven't yet). Ultimately, I don't regret the change I made, but I really wish I were wealthy enough to have a two different rigs on opposite walls of my listening room for different music types. (Or maybe just one half-million dollar system).