Anybody have experience with a Pro-ject RM 6 SB?

I am having a hard time finding reviews for this model. I believe it is not made anymore. I have come across a demo Pro-ject RM 6 SB with a Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge that I am considering picking up. Has anybody heard or used one?

I owned one for a couple years until very recently, and it's a solid performer. It clearly beat a Music Hall MMF-5 and an old Technics SL1200. I replaced it with a KAB-modified Technics SL1210 and feel that I've gone up a notch or two from the Pro-ject, but for the price paid it worked very well. I used an Audio Technica 440ML to good effect. I've heard your cartridge is very good, and I'd imagine it should work well on the Pro-ject.

I had the same setup and wasn't impressed. It couldn't sound much better than my $300 (used) Sony C333ES cd player. I had the setup checked by a vinylhead buddy of mine and everything was still right but the sound lacked dynamics and slam, as well as fine detail, even with "audiophile" vinyl on it. I was expecting more out of it so I sold it and bought a bunch of CDs instead.

i put that catride on my linn lp-12 and am very happy with it
Arthur, what phono-preamp and cartridge were you using? People trying to put together an inexpensive fail to realize that they really need three pretty good components to beat CD. It can be done, but it's tough at the bottom end of the price scale.

At all points along the price scale, using one weak front-end component out of three can ruin all the good things in the other two.

Thanks for the thoughts on the RM 6. It sounds like a may keep searching.
Hi Dave - I used the phono stage in my McIntosh C42 preamp. The gain could have been higher but I didn't need to turn the preamp all that much more than I do for CD so I think it was enough gain to prevent a compromise in sound quality. Paul Bolin thought the preamp stage in the C46 was world class and it is the same exact one I have in my C42.

The cart was the same one discussed above - Sumiko Blue Point Evo.

I was told that even this inexpensive table playing good quality LP would beat both my CD players. Well, I had to find out for myself and discovered that my CD players are even better than I thought! Although I have to admit I went through a dozen cd players before finding a couple I liked.

Whether the Pro-Ject/Sumiko ensemble is worth purchasing is somewhat dependent on the asking price. At $200 it's a no-brainer. At $600, you might want to spend just a little more and get a Technics SL-1210 from Musiciansfriend for $400, a KAB fluid damper for $150, and a Denon DL-110 or 160 for $140-180.