any Zu Soul Super Fly owner in bay area?


I am in the market of High Sensitive speakers ( 95db+)
Zu essence come up in my mind, but I do not have any clue on how they sound with SET amps. Does anybody in bay area has Zu Soul superfly that willing to share the experience?


I have had the Essence and now I have the Omen Defs. The Omen Defs are much better in every sense. I had a Superfly owner come over a few weeks ago and he decided to send them back after his two month audition and he preferred my Omen Defs. I am running them with a 2A3 integrated now and I just bought a 300b integrated also. Youre welcome to come over in the next few weeks. Shoot me an email.
I'm a Superfly owner living in San Mateo. You're welcome to come by pretty much any time. Send me an email.

If you already have a SET amplifier, please bring it along. I have my speakers paired with the Quad II Classic monoblocks, which are considered by some to be SET-like in some respects but are not SET.
Hi Wilsynet,
I would love to come down sometime also to compare the Superflys to my Omen Defs. That would be a lot of fun. Let me know if you're interested.
Wilysnet: just wanted to add that the comparison would be especially nice as I am using the Tranquility DAC with a 2010 Mac Mini also, though I am not using the SE version as you have. I would also love to compare the Tranquility to the SE version.
Happy to have you visit. This weekend is out, but the following weekend would work. Let's trade email later. Even better if we can get Daniel over at the same time too.
Thanks Guys,

I can come Feb 5.
thank you for hosting this.

Daniel, if you could respond to me via email, I'll send you both my address.

Did your friend cite any specific aspects he preferred in the Omen Defs over the Superflys? I find that pretty interesting. I love my Superflys and thought only the Soul Definitions would tempt me. I'm too far into ownership to send 'em back and too happy with my overall sound to worry at the moment, but..