Any thoughts on Vinnie Rossi LIO being discontinued

Wondering if will drive up resale value? 
 Unfortunately, I would think quite the opposite. I wouldn’t touch a discontinued custom product like this without a significant discount from retail. 
Cost model for building these has become prohibitive . The components are getting more expensive , capacitor banks , MoFets, etc  .  I suppose the China trade wars may be part of the problem.  The upkeep and repairs on this unit will be fully supported , heard it right from Vinnie himself.  I would think the unit may become more desirable  for a certain niche . Some folks LOVE these units for ease of use and space consideration .  I'm not an audiophile so to speak, more of a semiconductor geek . I am simply reviewing some "assets" I have. 

It wast good product but  way over priced vs he competition .
resale  not that good not that much demand.

the product was selling cheap for the type of design and parts quality IMO.

I think it's rare to see audio gear appreciate in value. The LIO would have to be really special, and the owner would need to be young enough to wait the years required to see a significant gain. Thinking along the lines of the Marantz 7 and 8, or select McIntosh gear.
If you like it, enjoy it and don't worry about it's value. The market will take care of that for you.