Any thoughts on the Avid Acutus?

Would be replacing Oracle Delphi V, Triplanar IV, Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum with the Avid, Triplanar VI, Benz Micro LP Ebony. My ears tell me I'd be nicely enhancing my former rig's sound with a similar but more dynamic sonic signature. Or is this an expensive lateral move?
Sounds like an expensive lateral move to me.
I don't understand why you are contemplating changing the whole rig! Why not try a different cartridge first to move the sonic signature in the direction you're seeking (assuming that your phono stage is up to the task).

One of the Zyx range (R100 or higher) would be the easy option - they are fashionable currently - so you could try one out and if it's not to your liking you could sell it on without losing too much.

I think it is more than a lateral move as the Acutus is a much better table and you are also improving your Triplanar a couple of generations.
I would change the table and arm but keep your cart and you will notice the differences.
Moves like this are always expensive for small improvements unfortunately.
If you can do go for it.
How is Acutus "much better"? My guess would be somewhat better bass but what else? I believe this is more a flavor change than a significant upgrade.
Thanks for your thoughts. You bring up some interesting and valid points. One reason for changing the whole rig is that my dealer is selling the Acutus as a demo package deal (it's already setup and ready to go and it's a Triplanar VII not VI)) and will give me a nice trade-in value for for my current rig. Regarding the difference in sound the Acutus has much better bass but also an incredibly low noise floor that allows the music to emanate from a blacker space. It also seems to stage better with greater depth and is more dynamic. The Oracle does have a sweeter midrange and is more forgiving. It may well be a flavor change but if the deal is right I'll probably do it.
Well, you've thought it out pretty well. The VII is a great arm. It's what I have on my TNT 6 Hotrod. Be sure the setup is correct to get the most out of it. I hope you have a good dealer who really knows how to set up a turntable. So few do these days.
Dear Khrys: The all metal Acutus design is a better TT than your Oracle and the VI is a better tonearm than your four: in this two subjects you are winning, no question about.

Now, before you change the whole " things ", try to hear the KRSP on the Acutus. I own both cartridges and they have different music presentation: you have to hear both on your system and after that to take a decision.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I think Raul has a good point and you should step your way through the changes.
The Tri-Planar VII is a terrific arm. Better (a bit more money), in my opinion, would be a Schroder Reference.
I own both the KRSP and the ZYX UNIverse. I love the KRSP, but the UNIverse is so far better in all areas than the Koetsu that they are not even close to being in the same field of reference.
I like the Teres line of tables and think that the model 320 and up are really at the top of the heap.
I would suggest that you start with changing out one piece and then evolve your way through making a decision on the other two pieces. The UNIverse would be a great start and then move from there. I think that adding the UNIverse is still the largest single jump my system has enjoyed of any component, cable or tweak changes I have made.

He isn't asking for general table,arm and cartridge recommendations but specifically about the Oracle and the Avid.
Raul, very good advice. I ran a Lyra Parnassus/Graham 1.5 on a VPI TNT for some time and while I loved the sound it ultimately sounded slightly cool and lean (but what detail!). New space considerations brought me back to the Oracle and you can see I went for a decidedly warmer sound with the KRSP/Triplanar. I think I'm trying to split the difference between the KRSP and a Lyra Titan with the Benz Micro LP Ebony. To my ears it's faster, more detailed and extended than the former but warmer and less analytical than the latter. But I will definitely try the KRSP on the Acutus.
Dear Khrys: Yes, you are right about those cartridges sound. Btw, the Parnassus likes the SME tonearms.

I think that you will like the Acutus KRSP sound.

Regards and enjoy the music.