Any thoughts on Spendor 9/1 - Are they worth buyin


I´ve been looking for a good speaker with a good bottom end and not to sharp highs.

I can buy the old Spendors 9/1 for around $1600

Are they worth the money? Will their age show, meaning in components.

I listen to a lot of pop,rock and electronic music.

Any feedback is more than welcome.

I owned a pair for 3 years, and I can recommend them. As you would expect from Spendor, the midrange is really beautiful. They are not at all bright, so hot recordings don't hurt, which is a plus for a lot of rock and pop. Electronic music is fine, but you won't get the subterranean bass that some speakers of that size offer, and transient snap (which that music seems to require) isn't the best. In addition to that, they aren't the last word in instrumental separation compared to horn speakers that I have used. There is a slight effect of "blending" in comparison to some other speakers, but it also gives a nice feeling of "flow" to the music.
Vocals couldn't be much better. Bass is very satisfying, but doesn't reach extremely deep. It is very well tuned to the enclosure though, and it is never loose or boomy. This speaker was a special effort for Spendor. It is interesting to note for instance that while they have usually designed thinner-walled "lossy" cabinets, this speaker has a front baffle that is 54 mm. thick!
I owned the SP100 for 6 years prior to the 9/1 (with other speakers in between), and even though they use the same drivers, the sound and presentation was a little different. The 9/1 was a little less recessed, and a little bolder. If I had unlimited space to store a variety of speakers, I would still have them. They are a great all around speaker.
It may not matter much to you, but they are the most beautifully proportioned and finished speakers that I ever owned. I think that the price is fair if they are in good physical condition.
Thanks so much for all the information!