Any Thought On A New CD to DAC Cable?

I have been out of the scene for quite awhile now. Wife got on a cleaning jag and accidentally knocked the CAL Delta off its little stand. It was saved by her grabbing the Audioquest Optilink Pro-2 and the power cord which caught on the top of the stand. The AQ broke :(.
I need to know if there is any good reason why I should not get another Optilink. The Delta feeds a Krell Stealth D/A through this link. Any comments appreciated.
Current conventional wisdom is that digital coax or ATT glass connections are better.
I have a Delta, too, connected to a Meridian 518 which is connected to a Meridian 563 with 24-bit upgrade. I'm not familiar with the Optilink, I can't imagine that you are getting anywhere near the performance possible from the Delta with an optical cable. If your dac accepts a balanced digital interconnect, that's definitely the way to go. I use Illuminations (Kimber) Orchid. I've tried the rca digital connection, but the balanced is waaaaaaaay better. Also, I find the Delta very sensitive to the supports you use. If you use sorbothane feet you get a fat, warm sound with big fat bass (great, if that's what you like), but I find that the Black Diamond racing cones really tighten things up. I'm also about to pick up another set of cones from Stereo Exchange in NY. I forget the name, but I'll let you know how they work out. Steve
If you like, I have a "spare" 1m ATT ST cable that I'll send you. It's a generic that I had a pair of made at my electronics supplier. I use one between my transport and dac. Sounds great to me, but I would like another opinion. Let me know.....Bob D
Thanks for the replies. I will call AQ Monday to see if they'll repair this Pro-2. If not I may have to splurge on a Pro4, it's the only glass cable they have. I paid for the AT&T option on the Delta and Stealth when I originally bought them new to use as a matched pair. My system consists of the Delta-Krell Stealth-Krell KSL-Forte Mod.4-Polk SDA2B's. AQ Lapis IC's and AQ Sterling speaker cables. Not the cream but it sure sounds good to me! :)
I haven't listened at all to any of the coax cables so for those I am out in the cold.
I am very familiar with the Krell Stealth. STAY WITH AT&T!

The Stealth is probably the strong point of your system, a very under-rated product. In my opinion, if your interested, the KSL is not in the same league. I would suggest that you buy a used KBL and sell your KSL. It won't cost you much, and it will be a dramatic improvement.