Any Royd speaker fans out there?

I have been toying with the idea of finding some used Royd speakers but can't find much of anything about them. I auditioned the Minstrel SE speakers and was floored by the quality of sound coming from those teeny little boxes. I can't pay new price (kind of third system...) but until used ones come along, I would like opinions of those who know this little company and can perhaps compare the various models to each other. Thanks! Arthur
My royds are flaring any Prep H?
Yeah right. I wondered if anyone else had thought of that one ;).
Well I guess I will just have to give up on Royds. I always seem to hit a brick wall.
Go to the Naim or FlatEarth forums and ask about Joe Ackroyd's babies there instead.
You'll get serious responses at those sites where you'll find lots of Royd Acoustics fans and devotees.They're little known in the US but well worth seeking out.
btw- my personal faves are the Abbott, Doublet, and older Sintra, Sapphire and Apex- haven't yet heard the newest RR series to comment.

FWIW- I'm listening to a pair of Royd Sevens in my Rega based office system as I type.
I have a set of Royd Doublets - actually the last ones that were for sale in North America. What amazing speakers!! THe doublets really out performed away the competition, IMHO, when I was auditioning speakers. The list was: VA Beethovens, Linn Ninka,s, Acoustic Energy AE 309, JMLab Cobalt 816's, Monitor Audio 8i and 9i, B&W CM4's and others. The midrange on the Royds and the tight bass astounds most people who hear them.

I once called the Royd factory, for some advice on matching the Royds for a 5.1 HT system and talked to Joe Ackroyd himself. Great company - great speakers!!!

I have heard the new RR2's - very flat response and wonderfully sounding speakers but inefficient - need some horsepower behind them.

I don't have Royds but my friend, Chaim, has big ones.

I had some Royds, but my Buggtussel ate them.
All right guys, thanks for the info and laughs. I'll check out those forums. Arthur
I am presently using a pair of Royd Envoy's in my analog only system. They have exceptional sound quality. I power them with an Exposure 2010 and a Rega table.

A friend of mine was a Royd dealer up til about a year ago, he still had contacts with the distributer and I was able to get his last pair.

I've noticed that alot of people who use Royd do so with Exposure equipment. I know another gentleman who has floor standing (not sure which model) Royds and they sound exceptional!
I have been using a pair of Royd Envoy's for several
years with a Jolida SJ202A integrated amp and MicroMega
Stage front end. They really are exceptional considering
their rather small size.
I know this is a 14 year old (LOL) thread, but for some reason I felt compelled to respond.
I used to hear them at the European HiFI shows throughout my travels, typically driven by Cyrus electronics. Great sound. Always wanted to own a pair but never got around it.

With the "right" gear they can sound very impressive .... heard them many times a decade ago.
(usually with NAIM electronics, but most quality-build Brit gear will not fail them....)

For me, the best bang fer yer buck; the RR1s.....

check out the Royd posts and ads on a UK forum