Moon 110 LP phono pre-amp?? Is this a good valuable or is there better for less??

Need some feedback about the sound quality of the Moon 110LP MM/MC phono stage.  Music Direct  has the silver units on sale for $325 which retails for $699.  Seems like a good value, but am curious if the Lounge Audio box is better value for a little less money  ($299.00)

(A member recommended the Musical Paradise MM/MC phono stage but it is $499 and more than I can spend)

BTW,.... Music Direct is bundling a Music Hall MMF 5.1  turntable  and their  "Magic" MM cartridg with the Moon LP110 phono preamp for $999.00. However, the "Magic"  cartridge looks like a "re-tread" of the Ortofon QM-10 cartridge which  is/was a major turkey.  I also have some reservations about the offered MH  MMF-5.1, and whether the newer MMF 5.3 is much better table but not offered in any bundled the time. 

 Would be nice to get some feedback before "Cyber Monday Sales" go bye-bye   Thanks to all,   SJ  

Overall, Sim Audio makes very high quality products. Since you can use both MM and MC carts, I can't imagine you going wrong. $325 is an excellent deal.

The only concern I have, is if you have balanced components, or even just a balanced line stage. Unless you have a really rare, or odd phono cart, it should be able to operate fully balanced. If so, you should take advantage of it.

If I needed something in that price range, and didn't need balanced operation, I would buy it myself. Actually, once the sale ends, it wouldn't suprise me if you can sell it used for atleast as much as you paid for it.

I have a Moon 110LP and it is the one component I own that amazes me the most with its performance.  Especially for what it costs and I paid full price for mine, $650.  At $325 its a steal!

I use mine with a pretty good LOMC, an Ortofon Rondo Blue.  Besides its detail and pacing, it is absolutely graveyard quiet at 60db of gain.  You will not hear any noise/hiss coming from this phono stage allowing only the music to come through.

I have had it for two years now and see no reason whatsoever to upgrade.  Hell, maybe I'll get another one at $325 just to have a silver one as a back up in case I ever upgrade everything else.  Which would probably happen before I ever thought about replacing my Moon 110LP!

My friend replaced the solid state section on his Rogue preamp with this, and he claims it is a big improvement over the stock Rogue phono!

Thank you guys. Everyone of your comments is relevant to my situation

 To Mb1 audio, I have a BAT VK-200 amp which has both XLR and RCA  inputs and outputs. My recently purchased used CJ pre-amp PV14LSE  has ONLY RCA connections. I would hook up the LP110 to the to Conrad Johnson RCA input designated as AUX/Phono.  So, unless there is  some technical interface problem with the amp, which is connected to the pre-amp via Signal Audio Cable XLR to RCA interconnect, I don't anticipate a problem.  I may seek a better XLR to RCA cable with that configuration if  one exists.  Fortunately, Signal Cable is more than adequate so far.

To paraneer,  Your comments are a strong endorsement for me to jump on the

donvito. I have a Rogue Sphinx V/1 integrated  amp that I owned for almost 4 years, and it will be up for sale soon on AG.  Depending on what level  of  Rogue pre-amp your friend owned, the phono stage of the Sphinx integrated was probably not that far behind in performance, especially if his pre-amp older than 5-7 years.  The Sphinx phono stage is very good, but you have to crank the volume for high output MC's. It is basically  a very good MM phono circuit.   Cheers,  SJ         

I was invited to listen to Sim's early Moon phono stages and I think they have come along way but to be honest its not something i think they do well. I think for that price range the Graham Slee stuff is much better amongst others.
 but Jim, according to you, Sim products are  ' grossly overpriced "...

To glennewdick,  I considered the Graham Slee MM phono pre-amp that sells for $410 on  Music Direct, and possibly less, used.  However, I wanted the flexibility of possibly using a low output MC. However,   I did read one review on the Moon 110 LP which considered it above average. However. several AG members credibly endorsed the Moon. Fortunately, Music Direct has a 60 return policy. so if I don't like it I can return  for full refund and try the GL.  Thanks for the comment

To wineguy, I probably said that about many high end products that are "grossly overpriced" (but not  necessarily Sim)  Also, check out the last two issues of TAS  to review the really  high priced spreads.  

The Moon LP110  retails for 649.00. so buying one brand new for $325.00 seems like a good deal to me.  Am  I a hypocrite for wanting to save money?? 

Graham slee makes them in MC and MM but there is also many other's out there try something used. I just know i was not moved by the Sim phono and returned the one i was using just didn't find it very musical compared to others out there. but that's my taste of course.
glennewdick.   I appreciate your  comments on the two phono pre-amps