Any Power Cord Recommendations For DACs?


I did a search first, but didn't find any relevant posts.

Can anyone recommend any particular power cords for use with a DAC?? I own an EVS Millenium II DAC. I have tried a $350 JPS Digital AC and the $300 Marigo Reference(?). I'd like to try as many options under $600 as possible (but feel free to recommend any under $1200).


The Absolute Power Cord. $50 USD.
A used Shunyata Cobra or King Cobra v1, BMI Whale, FIM Silver or Gold series just to name a few. Good luck.
I would recommend a Tekline PC-3W or PC-5W. There are a few demos on Audio Shopper for around $125.
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Phil, once i get the parts to finish up my other cords, i'll contact you and send one out your way to try out. Since i have the same DAC in one of my systems, it might be interesting to compare notes this way. Might be a while though, so don't hold your breath waiting on me : ) Sean
One to check out is the Zcable Lightning. Cost is $125. I just got mine today and would describe it as "upbeat" and "refined". BTW, it appears to be the same cable (at least approximately) as the Absolute Power cord, but "optimized" with a proprietary process by Zcable. Their website is

Also, I have, on loan (courtesy of Jadem6), a BMI Whale that is sounding really good on my preamp. I am unable to try it on my SACD player due to the physical characteristics of the cord and the space available behind my player. God bless.

P.S. Jadem6 is great guy with a fabulous sounding system.
I have found the Tek-line cords to work very well in my system. Scott just put up a very nice site:
I currently use a Kimber Powerkord hardwired to my source with good success. Can be had used ca. 120 dollars.