Any owners of Von Schweikert VR2 in Bay Area

I waiting on my Von Schweikert VR2's to arrive and want to
see if some in the community could talk to me and perhaps
check out their systems to see what they are running with
these speakers. e-mail me please and see if we connect
later by phone. James
I'm not in the Bay Area, but I can tell you that they are EXTREMELY tube, and even SET friendly. I ran a (15 wpc)Cary 300SEI with them, and the results were very special. The Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Bi Wire worked extremely well for speaker cable. This speaker does everything well, and is very difficult to beat for the $.

You may get better responses by posting in the Speaker discussion section.
Not a Bay area person but I use Kimber 8TC with my VR2's and it works very well.