Any new 70'-80

Anybody know of any great new large displays looming on the horizon?

The current 70" Sharp Elite is a nice LED/LCD set, but, the price is pretty high ($7,500).

LG is supposedly going to offer a 55" OLED set sometime this year, but an early adopter will have to pay quite a bit for such a set (something like $8,000). Who knows when a 70" + version will become available (and at what price). I hope that the problems with short lifespan for the blue OLEDs have been cured.
80" and 85" displays are on there way, not sure when but suspect by late summer
The Sharp Elite 70" can be had for less than $7500. It has the best non-projection display I have seen, so I bought one and have been very happy with it. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. There is also talk they may be announcing an 80" version as well.
Yesterday, I was at Costco and happened to notice - out of the corner of my eye - that they're selling an 80" flat panel of some type/brand for $4500. Sorry, I didn't take note of any further details.

The new 80" Sharp with 3D is out. Can be bought for around $4500. The one without the 3D is down in the low 3000's.
Do NOT confuse the "new 80" Sharp with 3d" with the 80" Sharp ELITE TV. They are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT sets both in quality and price. I don't think the 80" Sharp Elite has even been officially announced yet, so it may not even happen here in the States. There were apparently some rumors at CES, but that's the extent of my knowledge about an 80" Elite at this time.