Any listening experience of TTW TTs?

interested in anyone sharing experience of sound, quality, or support? thanks
Ive had my Gem V2 for two years and its worked flawlessy. Dead quiet backround, no hum or noise issues migrating to the preamp. Couldn t be happier. Fussy guy so I add new oil every six months to platter bearing.Speed control is dead on and motor quiet, no issues.I used a stethascope to isolate turntable and found cork is excellent in reducing vibrations from transfering from tonearm, platter and motor and vice versa vibrations transfering from shelf to turntable. Did i say I was a fussy guy lol. Excellent comunication from Larry and Chris on set up advice, no service was ever needed. Lots of hours put on this turntable as I work shift and have weeks off at a time to enjoy. A product that definately gives me a big bang for my buck . Thanks TTWeights.
Do a search you will find LOTS of negative comments as well from speed issues to communication issues.