Any info on Denon DL-80 MC cartridge??

Hi. I was recently fortunate enough to come across a Denon DP-47f direct drive turntable that had never been used. A serviceman bought it in Japan (I'm guessing in the late 80's) & never opened it. It came with a DL-80 moving coil cartridge. In reading the owner's manual, it indicates that the European-only models came with the DL-160 cartridge, while the UK market only models came with the DL-80 cartridge. The owner's manual states that they are both high output mc cartridges, and the specs listed for both are identical. Anyone know if this is the same as the DL-160, with just a different name for the UK model? Anyone have any info on this cartridge? Sounds great, by the way!
I have a couple of 47F's, one did have the dl80, the others the 160. Using the same electronics, all tubes, I could not tell the difference. The 47F's are great machines. I've given a couple away to my children as a way to interest them in vinyl. The fully automated features of the 47F make a almost 'child' proof, and in my opinion, do not diminish its sound. I also have a VPI rig that has a $2K cartridge and the 47F comes close to being its equal. So, if you ever want to sell your 'new' 47F, please let me know.
Thanks for the info! I have not heard the DL-160 cartridge, but the DL-80 sounds great. I figure they must be the same or very similar, as I cannot see Denon shorting the UK market. Any more info out there?