Any George Winston fans to make suggestions?

What is your favorite George Winston CD?
How about vinyl. December.
December is very good; I also like autumn.
1) The Plains
2) Winter into Spring
3) December
I have "Plains." To my ears, the recording quality is poor--compressed in such a way that the sound is fatiguing. (Understand, I'm not commenting on the music, but only the recording quality.) I heard some of his earlier music on vinyl, and it sure lived up to the high standard of the earlier Windham Hill recordings. Be careful about the re-releases on CD though; it may suffer from same problems as "Plains."
What about "All The Seasons Of George Winston"?

On the BMG Club site, they list the December CD as Remastered.
Plains and Summer.
Plains is the clear winner for sound quality. The HDCD encoding brings out the rich harmonics of the piano.
Tylenol PM may be a little quicker....
Listen to December in December