Any devices like Squeezbox Touch but handle 192/24

I like my Squeezebox Touch but have accumulated some 192/24 files I would like to play back at full resolution. Are there any devices that would playback these files like the Squeezebox Touch that also have digital outputs for running into a outboard DAC? I know I could use a computer but don't want to setup a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. and my stereo is some 30 feet from my computer (too far for a USB cable).
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An appliance server aka Digital Music Server. They work very similar to the SB.

Bryston and PS Audio maybe as well

Typically controlled by another computer, Ipod/Ipad, or Android.
I need internet radio also
I am sure at least one of those does. The top two ought to

Build a vortexbox maybe?
I've been supplementing my Squeezebox Touch (Redbook and 24/96 playback) with my Oppo BDP-95 (streaming 24/192 via DLNA). Works great, but the user interface is quite limited (since the Oppo does not offer DLNA rendering). If you're just planning to feed digital to an outboard DAC, the Oppo BDP-93 would be a better choice ($500 retail).
DLNA is another network streaming protocol for music (and video) that can provide bit-perfect streams up to 24/192 (wired ethernet best for high-res). I can access my high-res FLAC files using the Oppo's software and Networking function, but it requires a connected monitor or TV to navigate the folders. More info here...
I'm hoping Logitech comes out with a new Squeezebox device that does this.
It will be a long time I think. It took 4 generations of Squeezebox just to get 96 from Touch.

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I have asked this before, wondering if I can get a clarification. I have a squeezebox touch: If I stream hi rez from my Mac to the touch using the Squeezebox Server, am I getting 24/96? Or can you only get that out of the SB if you hook up directly to a USB drive (which I still have not been able to get working)?
I'm told the Touch outputs whatever it gets through the input: if 24/96 in, then outputs 24/96. Too bad there's no display to confirm this!

BTW, from what I've seen in forums, the audio quality through a USB drive attached to the Touch apparently is worse.
When I choose 24/96 files though my Touch, my DAC shows that it's receiving a 96 file. My DAC doesn't have a bitrate display, though.
Looks like the netgear ntv550 and Asus O!play handle 24/96 files. Any one here tried these as an alternative to the touch?