Any comments on the Meridian 588 CD Player?

In general, is it much better than the 508.20 or 508.24, or just slightly better? I have owned the 508.20 for several years and am not convinced these newer units are that much better for the price. Your comments and hearing experience is requested. thanks........
The 508-24 sounds quite a bit better than the newer 588. I heard them head-to-head on a very revealing system and all of us who were listening thought the 588 sounded overly bright and had an odd mid-bass hump. The 508-24 on the other hand sounded very smooth and natural. I don't know what happened on this new unit but I've heard the same opinions from others who have been able to compare.
I like my 508.24 and intend to keep it for the forseeable future. I keep upgrading my other electronics and speakers and I get to see just how good the Meridian is.
Has anyone compared the 588 to the newest Electrocompaniet? I've been considering purchasing one or the other. I haven't had a chance to review either but I was interested in anyone's opinion who has had a chance to. By the previous comments it seems that maybe I should be looking for a 508.24 instead? Any thoughts?
Ive compared the 588 with the Electrocompaniet EMC1 Mk II and the Electro wins hands down. Much more relaxed, dynamic and lively than the Meridian, which was VERY 2D, VERY flat and VERY disappointing.
The 588 player continues Meridian's refinement of cd player technology. I've owned the 508.20, then the 508.24 and now the 588. Through advances in jitter reduction it better reveals low-level details. I can hear words more clearly than before. The soundstage is more transparent. Across the entire spectrum there is more music revealed. The bass is fine; it is detailed, natural-sounding and does not exagerrate 'bass slam'. I haven't noticed the mid-bass hump another writer mentioned. The highs---extremely revealing; but its possible that there is a slight spectral tilt in this region. I wouldn't call it bright-sounding. Obviously what one hears is dependent on the rest of the system's qualities. Overall I enjoy the new player, consider it an advance over the 508.24 (especially at its lower price), and commend Meridian for continuing to advance the 16 bit format.
Newton, do you work for Meridian? We compared the 588 against the 508-24, Krell KPS-28, Linn Ikemi and Levinson 39 on the Dynaudio Tempation speakers powered by Krell FPB350mc amps and a KCT preamp. The 588 was the most most colored of the bunch with a very unnatural tonal balance. Just because it's newer doesn't mean that it's better.
Blackie, I appreciate hearing your comments (and other folks as well). As far as I know there have not published any detailed reviews of the 588. Can you spend a few seconds detailing what you heard as to the differences, say, between the 588 and the Levinson 39 (the only one I've heard of the group you mention)? Thanks.