Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?


Im using Golden Reference in my System(Merlin VSM Speakers), and the bass is natively stronger with the Gold Ref than any other cable i had the chance of using.

This is a good thing in the case of my system as the speakers are a little lean for my taste, so the cable, whether it adds unnatural bass or being very natural, is very good or me.

I want to go deeper since i have to buy a longer pair(from 1m now to 2m), because distances between amp and speakers recently changed here.

So before i buy id like to know if there is even more "bassey" cable out there.

I am a long-time Cardas user and have used Golden Reference Speaker as my home reference for 2-3 years, so I well appreciate the weight that cable brings.  I bought a Clear Reflection Speaker to replace it.  It has very similar voicing, but it a little more open and clear, and I think, more dynamic.  I also think it's more linear into the low bass, whereas Golden Reference has a bit of a bass bump. 

The problem when you start switching things around - if you're happy with the sound of the system - is that small changes can sometimes lead to many hours and dollars re-tweaking and fine-tuning to get back to where you started, only better.  So even Clear Reflection, which is supposedly just a "Cleared-out" version of Gold Ref, is not exactly a drop-in replacement.

Other cables that appeal to Cardas users are already mentioned by other users in this thread, including Audience and Purist Audio.  I don't have any experience with those lines in my system, however, so cannot offer a direct comparison.  
I am also a long time Cardas user. I never really cottoned on to the Golden Reference interconnects or speaker cables, preferring the Golden Cross instead. I always though the highs of the Golden Reference were bit hard on brass instruments. I did use a Golden Reference power cord though.

I have switched to a mix of Clear Reflection and Clear Beyond and @readargos was right - I still miss the midrange bump of the Golden series.
If there are any tweaks or any cables that have the openness, separation and natural highs of the current series with the midrange bump of the previous Golden series, count me in. Clear Reflection goes some way there but still isn’t a drop in replacement as @readargos noted.
Yes, it's a balancing act. I currently have Golden Cross, Golden Reference and Clear Reflection speaker cable in house. There are things to like about all of them, and I wish I could combine the strengths of them all. 

To me, Cross and Golden Cross have never seemed overtly warm and rich, and sound more broadly neutral than Golden Reference. They soundstage bigger, but lack the weight and authority of Golden Reference.

@mikey8811, I know what you mean that the high frequencies of Golden Reference can seem hard, and I haven't embraced the interconnect or power cable, which are more obviously voiced. I have used the speaker cable long term in combination with Golden Presence interconnects and Cross or Golden Cross power.

We all have a Platonic ideal in our heads of how a stereo should sound, which may or may not be the absolute sound or high fidelity, but some iteration that gives us pleasure. 
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