I'm sure my new Moon 780D can reveal more than what my DH Labs AES/EBU delivers it.

What an improvement over my decade-old factory-modded Wadia S7i ! ! 
The Moon 780D is the most transparent DAC I've heard.  I'm  listening for hours on end. 

The DH Labs 110 Silver was serviceable for a 2009 machine,  but I think this new DAC deserves now a more sumptuous feast.  Sim Moon is not forthcoming with the kind of cabling they use with the 780D, even though they used the exact unit I purchased as a demo in their shows. 

And I can't afford to join the 'Cable of the Month' club, switching out wires at intervals.

So I'm polling you other Moon DAC owners for your experience with AES/EBU cables and even single-ended
 IC's output to a tube preamp.  I'm prepared to pay for quality.

Thanks so much,
- Dr. John
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I recommend Audience Au24 SE or Acrolink 7N-D7000 AES/EBU digital cables. I’ve used them both and they are excellent cables. 

You should call the cable company and get few cables to try out from their extensive library. Be patient with the process and you will end up with a cable that sounds best in your system. 
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The Venom is very, very good at about $300.
The Alpha is even better at about $1000.
The Sigma is best at  2k.
I have the Alpha and the Venom. 

 Why don’t you call a Sim audio dealer  and ask them. The Tone Studio AV in Indianapolis, In. is a dealer, call and ask Mark.   Just find other dealers and call them and ask them. 
thanks - my own dealer is likewise out of state, but I imagine any Moon dealer could vouch for what cabling maxes out the DAC's prowess. 
I have the same DAC I use blue jeans cables ethernet to do all the streaming. I have a modded Mac mini as my ROON core. Ethernet our of the Mac into the ethernet switch and ethernet into the 780d. I have a low noise power supply to the switch. I mod the moon with synergistic blue fuses and audioquest z power cord. I use pure silver IC from this guy joe at tempo electric. 
He’s great to work with, send him an email and he will make anything you need. I grew up in a studio and for me it doesn’t get any better than this. Also, believe it or not, ROON And SimAudio  recommend ethernet  over any other input. 
andrewkelley - thanks for being up front.  Why Sim Moon didn't want to get specific with me - who knows ? From Moon 260D transport to DAC they recommended AES/EBU and likewise ethernet for streaming. Pure silver IC, eh ?  My IC from pre-amp to amp is Shindo Silver - so what you say makes sense.  Thanks.
I use a the Kimber Orchid and it's my forever choice. Many excellent reviews / comments from various forums. My search is over.
+1 for Shunyata. I’m using 1.5m XLR Sigma between DAC & CD Transport and like it very much.
Be sure to try before you buy because YMMV.
I used to use DHL top of the line interconnects to my then Rogue M150s,  but eventually when I changed out I realized the DHL were thin sounding  

I highly recommend WireWorld

their series 7 is excellent and their series 8 a cut above

you might consider coax

WW offers a money back guarantee
Another +vote for Audience brand.  Have fun and keep us posted on the cabling tried w/ your Sim Moon.
Happy Listening!

Think about this, if SimAudio recommended certain brands of cabling, don't you think they make various unrecommended brands pretty mad?

If you had asked them what cabling they used at a specific show, maybe they'd tell you.

Of course, the dealers will recommend the brands they carry.  But, these brands probably work well or they wouldn't be using them in their setups.

Congrats on your new purchase Dr. John!
Simaudio has paired up with Nordost (not exclusively) in a number of their systems at this year's Axpona and Munich shows.  I currently run Heimdall2 ethernet from a Melco server to the 780d v2 and use Tyr2 xlrs from the 780 to the 740p pre and then to the 870 amp. To my ears, they are a great match.
For my SimAudio 380D DSD DAC, I use the following 2 cables:

Audience Au24 SE+ USB Cable (their newest USB cable)

Kubala-Sosna Emotion AES/EBU cable, Balanced XLR

I prefer the AES/EBU cable for most of my listening since it sounds the best. The Kubala-Sosna Emotion Is the best cable I have ever used and is well worth an audition. I immediately noticed an improved sound quality when I installed this cable. It is expensive but, IMHO, is well worth the cost for its improved sound quality.

I also use the Kubula-Sosna Expression Interconnect Cable (2 cables), balanced XLR connection between my SimAudio DAC and SimAudio 600i V2 integrated amplifier.

thanks so much for all of your responses. And now I understand why Sim Moon isn't recommending any specific cables, although I did ask simply enough what they used at their show, again to no avail.  I appreciate your feedback and experience.

- Dr. John