Any Bob fans out there?

...Mould, that is. Picked up his newest--Body of Song--and its a sort of return to the edgy guitar that I think makes up his best work. Sort of between some of his slower solo work and Sugar. The fact that he has been mixing in a DC club kind of shows through with a couple tracks that are almost pop-ish. I thought Last Dog and Pony Show was supposed to be his goodbye to electric guitar driven tunes, but I, for one, am glad that he's picked it up again.

Given that this is an audiophile forum, I know I'm supposed to comment on the audio quality of the recording. Unfortunately, the CD hasn't made it out of my car yet...
Are you kidding? One of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, in my not so humble opinion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bob Mould! My wife says his voice is other-wordly. One of the best live performers ever. I'm going to get the new CD today!
Never heard of this guy, where have I been? So, for a guy interested in checking this guy out for the first time, what would you guys recommend? I checked out reviews on Amazon and it seems everything he does is magic. What is a good starting point?
He was the lead singer/songwriter in Husker Du, then solo, then Sugar, and then solo again. For an easy entry, try "Workbook", his first solo album. And if you want pure balls-out rock, try Sugar's EP "Beaster". My wife refers to it as 'lessons in rock music'. He has influenced an amazing number of bands, Nirvana among them.

He's on tour, by the way.
My love affair with Bob Mould's work started with Husker Du's New Day Rising... An icon of the hardcore punk era that still holds up today as a phenomenal work. But, for me, my fave is Sugar's Copper Blue. Forget Phil Spector's wall of sound... In Sugar, Mould achieves a guitar wall of sound that musically saved the early 90s for me. It is an album that contains a number of standout tracks, including Hoover Dam -- "standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam, I'm on the centerline right between two states of mind." Put it in and turn the volume up to 11. Its meant to be felt as well as heard...
Damn straight Mould is an icon. Zen Arcade's my fav, but enjoy Last Dog and Pony Show as well. I totally agree with the Spector comment--hadn't thought about it like that--great insight Edesilva.
I concur with all of the above. "Body of Song" is a great piece of work. Sonically speaking I've only listened to the cd (can't get it outta my car either!) Bob's guitar sound like they're coming from all directions. BTW, I think of Bob's "Workbook" as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Just got "Body of Song" this morning, as I was driving from Sacramento down to the Bay Area. I listened to the CD three times in its entirety. What an incredible piece of work!

I love it, too. I've been raving about this album for weeks to friends who have pretty much given up on Bob since he broke up Sugar. I think this album is equal to anything Sugar produced, which is saying something, and nearly on par with the best Husker Du, which is really saying something. One of the year's best, no doubt.
I bought a used copy of The Last Dog & Pony Show last night. So far, one listen, but I can see how this guy can grow on you.
Try "Copper Blue" by Sugar.
I was wondering when this album was out! Thanks guys.. Listened to Bob with Sugar all through college! Will be picking this up today!
BTW.. Picked up Body of Song and Love it! Bob is touring to promote this record and will be at the 930 Club here in DC on Oct 7th. (I am going) Might want to check your local venues..