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Help Looking For a Balanced Preamp
Thanks everyone. I already have an excellent phono so no need there.  
USB DAC Recommendation
Does anyone know, does Wavelength let you upgrade continually? From the discussion here I'd be most interested in the base Cosecant, but only if I could gradually add more and more options. 
USB DAC Recommendation
Which begs the question. If I get a NOS DAC and it down samples can I later take those files and up sample them when I get a top of the line DAC? 
What amp are you using with your Zu Essences?
Okay the jury is in for me. The KT-94s in my LA Audio 100r really are beasts. They could drive a truck through a wall. People may say that the Essence is refined, but not with these tubes--my Essences are clearly hard rock speakers now. There's so... 
Worst record ever?
I heard a Styx/Jimmy Buffet collaboration that made me run out and buy Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. 
What amp are you using with your Zu Essences?
Well, I just sent away for a new tube compliment for my LA-Audio 100r. KT-94s produce plenty of grunt (90 wpc into 8ohm) and a good deal of image saturation, which is something that is missing with the Sharp. Less pristine and sweet than the Sharp... 
What amp are you using with your Zu Essences?
Sorry for creating a bit of a storm in a teapot, but thanks for the suggestions. Currently I'm using a Sharp SM-SX1 digital integrated. And I'm kinda stunned how good it is. It puts out 52 watts per side which is plenty. And they're good watts, cr... 
audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21
I've heard both extensively and own a Trivista. It seems strange to say but I think there are basically the same--can't go wrong with either. More air in the ARC, more detail in the MF. It will be easy to live with either. 
Best blues vocalist
Pre-war: Son HouseElectric Blues: Bobby Blue BlandBlues Rock: Terry Reid 
Integrated Amp for Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitor
I'm a former owner of the Linbrook Sig. monitors. The only advice I have is that they love power. I'd go for 150WPC. Since that kind of power is real expensive in tube form I'd opt for solid state. 
What do you see as the downside of tubes?
Three out of four of my tube amps don't work. 
Transport for DAC
I think I'm definitely in the minority here, but my own experience is that a good transport does make a difference. When I purchased my Lector transport it was the first piece I had ever had that transformed my system, greater coherence and balanc... 
Used MF Trivista 21 or Benchmark Dac1?
I did a direct comparison between the stock TriVista 21 and the Benchmark DAC-1. Now, I'm not the kind of person who believes A is clearly better than B. I'm a synergy guy. So for my system I enjoyed the TriVista more than the DAC-1. I didn't need... 
Transport For Use w/ MF Trivista 21
When I bought my Lector Digidrive, my whole system was transformed. In combination with my TriVista DAC my sound became whole and balanced. I also was using a Sony Modwright, which had previously dispensed with all comers, but the Lector unleashed... 
Benchmark DAC-1, Lavry DA10, Altmann Attraction
So what powercord worked best for you?