Antique Sound Labs Wave

I am buying a pair of these little tube amps for my office; if I can find anyone to sell them to me that is.

I have a couple of questions:
Does anyone know where I can buy a nude pair, and has anyone tried replacing the capacitors with Audiocaps as recommended by the MSNBC dude?

Thanks in advance
Hi Jposs

The wave is a nice little bargain amp.

Main web page. Sure you can find a source there.

Here is a picture of the Auricap you want to add. They are the yellow things. Cute eh? Might be little hard if you are not a solderer. High voltage.

I think they come up for sale fairly regularly here. You might keep your eye open for a used pair.

I remain,
As Clueless points out, they're Auricaps, not "audiocaps". There are a few archived threads on Audiogon about the Wave-8's, but more directly to your capacitor question, that issue is discussed in more depth in a couple threads on Audio Asylum. From what I've read, you want .47 uf caps.

Michael Percy audio sells them (, he's reportedly a great source. Also, I bookmarked this page: - they seemed to have a great price, but it's been a while since I've investigated pricing, availability etc.

BTW, I own two pairs of the Wave-8's and run them in my bedroom 3-channel surround (fronts + center - one amp unused as spare) system, un-modded, but with 1974 NOS Sylvanias - awesome sound and in no way believable at the price. I plan to mod them, when I get done with about a zillion other things... and yes, I'm quite happy with them the way they are, so I'm not in any hurry.

PS - The Wave-8's don't appear as regularly as Clueless opined. Also, if you're looking for naked just on price, those are also rarer here. I've been watching the 'gon daily for quite a few months, and only glimpsed one set of Waves (caged) in the past 3 months. I bought the set just previous to that (I'm done now!) I could've missed a couple listings, but no more than that. The last naked set I saw on the 'gon was about 6 mos. ago - the caged are much more common here. My (removable) cages are now wrapped in bubble-wrap in a plastic tote downstairs -- don't forget also that the caged version has an IEC receptacle, but the naked version is hardwired. I got an appreciable performance boost with aftermarket PCs with my amps that you couldn't experiment with if you bought the nakeds. Just my .02 - I'd get a caged/IEC version and store the cages.

If you're so inclined, a more expensive tube mono pair with the same goals (VERY cheap and huge value) is the Quicksilver mini-mite... about 3x as expensive, but also 3x more powerful at 25w and could also be interesting depending on what you're after (it can take KT88, EL34, 6550 etc). Seen a couple pairs here from $595 to $700. Anyway, just an amp that's caught my eye, but I've resisted buying since I gots what I gots and likes 'em.

I just bought the last pair that came up on Audiogon, very impressive little amps. My wife says they're "cute".
I have a pair and enjoy them very much. At low to medium volumes they handled an 87dB speaker pretty well. I suppose in an office they will be on the lower volume side. Quite amazing little amps. If I didn't have them, I'd love to try the nOrh SE-9 too.
Thank you for all of your responses. At these prices I am more than willing to buy new, and it looks like I will be from Brooklyn Audio here on AudiogoN.

This is my first foray into tubes. My office system will be just about polar opposite from my home system: Active ATCs and an SCD-1 to Wave 8s and Loth-X Ion 1s (crossoverless speaker, 94db) and a turntable.

8 watts will be more than enough with these very efficient speakers, especially conssidering I won't be needing much volume.

I am looking forward to experimenting with tubes and all the fun that goes with owning tube amps, as these will be my first!

I'm glad to know also that the covers come off, because I plan on these being conversation pieces as well as audio equipment.

Get the covered ones, the transformers are not pretty and you can still see the tubes glowing through the slots in the cover. Plus you get the removable cord. You'll love the little guys. I have a system that I spent less than $1000 for and it is VERY pleasing. I replaced a 100 watt a channel Sony receiver and the little waves play plenty loud. Have fun.
I am one of the idiots who sold a pair recently.(stupid move), for the $$, absolutley I cant find another pair for the life of me...there are the 20 watter's available for around 400....for the pair...and I am very tempted.
For you wanting to buy.
I just ordered four (4) from the company directly.
Look them up on the web.

They were very helpful on the phone and got the
amps sent right out.

I also set up an office system with a dynaco tube fm stereo tuner, a Dynaco Pas2 tube pre-amp, klipsch cornwall speakers (98.5 dB speakers), and a Go Video dvd/cd/mp3 player. I am amazed at the quality and quantity of the music.