Antique Sound Lab Amps

Has anyone heard any antique sound lab amps, or dealt with Audio Oasis in Canada.
I have the same questions--Which amp are you looking at? I am considering the MGSi15 to use with my Reynaud Twins in my second system.
I have the KMP22-FOX units. They are very well built. They are not the prettiest things to look at, but sound very good. These have good bass control, very smooth and detailed mid-range. The highs are not rolled of. YMMV with their other products. Dale
I am looking at the Antique Sound Lab MG SPM 40 and the MG SPM 25 KT88 Monos. I am going to use the with the JM Reynaud Twin MKll also.
I happen to have a pair of ASL AQ1006(845) monoblocks. They sound absolutely wonderful. They are built very solid. I have the anodized black-faced units. These amps sound so good, I listen for HOURS on end!!!. The company is very consumer-friendly and will assist you with your decision regarding component compatability. Very good warranty. Also, ASL has been awarded the Golden Ear Award from a prestigous audiophile magazine recently for the 1006 monos.
I have also been looking at ASL amps for my JMR Twins mkII's the last few weeks. I wonder what's the sonic difference is between the MG-SI15 15 watt SE integrated (KT-88's) and the KI-15 15 watt SE integrated (6x6AS7's)? Too bad I can't find any dealers here in the Los Angeles area to demo the units. Since I'm going to augment the Twins bass with a powered subwoofer, I can go for 10-12 SET watts for superior sound. BTW, Pretender and Gebou5 - Have you noticed an impressive difference in sound between 125 and 200 hours on your Twins? The bass has become so much more developed (and deep), and power handling has increased substantially along with overall tonality. I have a Rotel amp and pre-amp driving them and can't wait to hear valves w/ the Twins. Affordable Perfection?
I recently purchased an Audion Silver Knight 300b SET (7 watts) for Reynaud Twins and the combo sounds great. Dark, my Twins took another turn at around 400-500 hours and offered up additional low level detail. They seem to have pretty much leveled out since then. Sorry, no info on the ASL's (some reviews on the web) as like many I have not been able to audition them in my area.
Dark--I don't that many hours yet on my Twins, but I am quite pleased with them as is. Has anyone dealt with Brooklyn Audio? They quoted me a great price on the MGSi15--However, they do not have the standard model in stock. Evidently, there is an upgraded model with a Pentode/Triode switch, and an external bias adjustment--which costs $100 more. I have never purchased anything from a Canadian dealer--Are there Duty or Custom charges to pay? Thanks!
Well, I received an e-mail from Divergent, advising me of the closest dealer to me in Grand Rapids, MI--and I just ordered a MGSi15 (standard model) from Holm Audio in Chicago. I have purchased items from Holm in the past, and they have been good people to deal with. They also gave me 10% off the list price. If anyone is interested, ask for Albert--and tell him that Bob from Grand Rapids, referred you. FWIW--I didn't ask if it was still in effect, but they used to have a trade up policy--That may be useful to you Dark, if you are still unsure of which model you want.
Wow, Pretender, you move quickly! If you think that your speakers sound impressive now, wait until 200+ hours. A whole different level of performance and it doesn't stop there. Dekay suggested that I first try a Doc Bottlehead Foreplay tube pre-amp for $99 ($180 w/ full upgrades) w/ my Rotel amp and see how that sounds. If the Foreplay is 2/3 as good as people say, then I can live with my Rotel for a while longer while I save some dollars for dual monoblocks. Eventually, I'd move the Foreplay to a better looking chasis. Seems like a cheap way to get some good tube sound!