Anthem D2 runs

I recently bought an Anthem Statement D2 on Audiogon. I'm really happy with it, but I'm wondering about how hot it gets. It runs much hotter than my Anthem A5 amp, and at the back, right hand side, it's almost too hot to touch. Does anyone else have experience with this particular processor that could tell me if that's normal or not. I don't think that air circulation is a problem as it has plenty of air space all around it.
I have owned a D2 for several years now and it has always run very hot. No problems with unit, just updated it with the ARC and 1.33 software. I also have the A5 and you are right- much cooler than the processor.

I think this is normal for this unit.
Not surprising given the video processing capabilities.
Vayjay and Shadorne, thanks for the responses. I'll stop worrying!