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Anthem D2 runs
I have owned a D2 for several years now and it has always run very hot. No problems with unit, just updated it with the ARC and 1.33 software. I also have the A5 and you are right- much cooler than the processor. I think this is normal for this unit. 
Pre-pro Advice for B&W 802d HT System
FWIW, I use an Anthem D2 with 803D, HTM2D, and c-1066 rears. For amplification I have the Anthem A5. The system is not bright by any means but clean and very transparent. Extremely revealing sytem due to neutrality of poor recordings, but very goo... 
New B&W
I have no experience with the older B&W, but have to say that I disagree with your assessment of the 803D. I have owned these for two years, driving with 200W amps, and am very happy with them. Prior to purchase, I listened to a wide variety o... 
Pass, Mac, or Anthem
Thanks for the input. I have listened to the 803Ds wih the Mac 501s and was impressed, but sounds like the 402 may do the trick. 
How To Add A Sub To B&W N802's
I use 803D mains and a B&W ASW825 sub with HTM2 center and 805s for the rears. This works very well for HT, but I run only the 803D for stereo and have been very satisfied with the base. Perhaps some speaker positioning or room adjustment/trea... 
Which multichannel amp to buy
You may wish to consider the Anthem Statement A5. Very transparent, good match for your processor. 
803D or 802D
I have a music/HT setup with 803d, matching center(HTM1?; the one with the diamond tweeter but not the rounded head) and ceiling mounted b&w (I forget the designation, but they are the ones that look like directional, not surface mount, about ... 
Which processor has better audio for home theater?
I listened to both the Anthem D2 and the Krell and ended up buying the Anthem. I found the Krell a little bright, but that may have been the speakers that I use as well (B&W 803d, HTM1 center, rears are the equivalent to the 804s in ceiling mo... 
B&W 803d vs. B&W 804s - Fast Input
I own a pair of 803D; have had them for about 1.5 years. Installed in a large room, about 20X25 with 13 foot ceilings. Great sound at any level but must be matched with a good amp as they are a very difficult speaker to drive. I would recommend at...