Another superb CD Player/DAC; Lyngdorf CD1

Despite what TAS and Stereophile would have us believe, CD playback is alive and well; even thriving, among many audiophiles and enthusiasts. Oh yes, I love my analog front-end (Rega P9 with RB1000 arm and Apheta II low output MC cartridge), but I also love the convenience of spinning that little silver disc when digital is done right! I've had the privilege of owning some nice CD rigs, including the tubed Cary Audio 303/300, Simaudio 750 and even the over-achieving Cambridge 840C. I gambled on an intriguing player here on A'gon recently and frankly hit the jackpot. The Lyngdorf is among the best digital front ends I've heard, and at $3,600 to $4,000 new, didn't cost a mint. If you can find a nice used model, it is an absolute steal. The professional reviews actually hit the nail on the head, especially in terms of the unit's detail retrieval. Also exceptional, and really outstanding for Redbook CD playback, is the imaging and location of instruments across the soundstage. I wanted to share this find with fellow hobbiests, as it truly is an outstanding piece of kit. Not sure how available they are used here in the States, but highly recommended if you can find one. Lyngdorf has introduced the CD2, of which I know nothing, but given Lyngdorf's renowned mastery of all things digital, it's likely worth listening to as well. Enjoy!