Another new DAC: Audio Mirror

Just ran across this last night. Never heard of them before but
as a Minnesota company tweaked my curiosity.
Audio Mirror Tubadour III non-oversampling tube DAC. Sounds interesting.
If anyone runs across one and has a listen please post.
Also, if you are feeling stressed about tube life, you could consider the ifi idsd pro. I preferred the audio mirror to it, but did enjoy the ifi as well. It has the option to run either tube-based or solid state output stages, so you could go to SS when not doing critical listening.
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Interesting about the ifi 
Is it easy to replace the tubes in the mirror dac ?
Super easy, but you have to remove the top panel. I keep my T3 covered with the top panel, but not screwed down.
I just got this DAC the other day. Sounds very nice so far. Here is a little video I made showing it.