Another AudiogoNer in the NY Times

The New Jersey section of today's New York Times feature story is of people weathering the economic doldrums in NJ. One of the featured companies is Ginko Audio led by Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsbury. On page 10 of the section is a large photo of Vinh and Norm with an acrylic dustcover over a VPI Aries Scout, as well as their stands.
There was my 15 seconds of fame :-) except they spelled the company name wrong (It's Gingko instead of Ginko), and Norm Ginsburg's name too. Luckily the company name on the banner is right! I can see curious people trying to log on to or and got nothing.
It's Oh well!
Welcome to the club, Vinh! At least I wasn't quoted in my article (never made the editor's final cut), and I know you looked better in your picture than I did in mine!
Sorry Vinh. I was typing so fast, it WAS early, I left the g out. Noticed it when I hit submit. I DO know how to spell gingko and
More confusing still: the standard spelling is "ginkgo." Some sources, however, list "gingko" as a "variant."
The NY Times made those errors also in their article.
So did the CES folks in their CES 2004 roster. Maybe I SHOULD change the name to Ginko???
I got it! Our new marketing tag line "Remember to take gingko biloba so you spell our name right!" :-)
Or "We make your system sound right even if you spell our name wrong!" :-)
When we came up with the name, we wanted it to be memorable and new-agey. I guess we did not do too well on the memorable part!!! :-)
Hi guys,

You might want to register the variations on your domain names, so you can redirect people to the right place no matter how they misspell your name! At $10/year/spelling, it's pretty cheap (

- Eric
Thanks, Ehart for sending me to
I went ahead and register for for only $7.95/yr. Good idea.
Hey Vinh-

As long as people are going to keep repeating the same mistake maybe you should sign up for the second domain name!