An alternative for Bluesound?

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I'm using Bluesound streaming for Tidal, but I wish an alternative. What can you recommend? Does anyone knows something about Roonlabs? Would that be an alternative for Bluesound, or what do you think?

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I have both Bluesound and a Bryston BDP3.  The Bryston sounds better, but it costs a lot more than Bluesound.  I frankly don’t know if it does MQA because I don’t care and my Bryston DAC doesn’t do MQA anyway.  The Bluesound OS is so much easier to use than the Bryston app that frankly I haven’t touched the Bryston for weeks.
  My experience with Roon wasn’t positive, as it almost fried my 10 year old Mac Air during the free trial.  Reportedly the Bryston will handle Roon but I haven’t bothered.
  I may not be the guy that you want to get advice from, as I mainly have gone back to spinning CDs recently, so consider me an outlier.  Still, you are asking, and I think it helps to get all viewpoints 
Thank you sir.

I've only tried Linn's Kazoo as a supplement. It's too expensive, but good.
What don’t you like about the Bluesound?
It's difficult to make playlists - not intuitive.

Not possible (for me) to hear the different between 44.1 kHz and MQA.

Navigation will be lost on iOS, when you return from a Favourite album to the Favourite list. It works on BluOS Controller (OSX), not on mobile application.

But, what can you recommend?
As it sounds like your issues are more software oriented instead of hardware, you might find it most useful to try out some alternative software front ends. Will the Linn Kazoo software work with your existing Bluesound unit?

You can try Roon and Lumin software for free, before buying anything. The Roon software works with a lot of endpoints, but works best with a Roon-ready endpoint.