Amps with short warm up time 4 critical listening

What class A or AB SS mono block amps with min. of 300w per ch. have a very short warm up time to sound it’s best for critical listening? I’m talking about less than one hour. I have a pair of Pass Labs xa160.5 class A amps which take a couple of hours to warm up for critical listening. During that time of warm up I play music at moderate level but I don’t listen to it until it’s 100% at its peak of performance.
Van Alstine 600 has a warm up time of about a 2 minutes.
Why not just leave them powered up 24/7? Then you don't have to worry about warm up time.
I don't know of any SS with a fast warm up period. If you want a warm up period of under an hour, you're probably talking about a tube amp.
The Sander amp(s) have reputation for great sonics and run cool so can be left on all the time. It seems like I've read even with his they can improve over 24 hours which is why he recommends leaving them on.
Jmcgrogan2, because way too expensive to leave on 24/7. It's like leaving a 1200W blowdryer on.